Computer Readiness Assessment

The table below shows specific information about your computer which will help us to ensure that you can run e-learning courses in the future.

If any of the items below are showing yellow or red, click on the colour to see the steps required to rectify the situation.

Recommended Your PC Indicator
Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari
Flash version 10.3 or above
Pop-ups Enabled
Screen Resolution 1280x1024
Support for HTML5 video

Browser recommendations

This course has been optimised to run in the following browsers. The course may work in other browsers, however, we are unable to offer any further support in these situations. The following underlined links are provided to allow you to download a browser.

Operating system Recommended browser


Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or Google Chrome (latest versions)


Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome (latest versions)

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Flash player

Flash is a software application that can be used to play certain e-learning content. Flash enables e-learning developers to create courses that are much more appealing to users (using complex animation or graphics for example).

The courses will work even if you cannot install Flash (for example on some tablet computers), however, if you do have the option to install it, your experience through the courses will be slicker.

You can download the latest version of Flash by clicking here.

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Pop-ups are new windows that 'pop-up' on screen when you click something; for example an internet link. Some browsers now block this from happening as they have been used in the past to display advertisements.

Our e-learning courses need to open a window to display further content. If pop-ups are blocked on your PC, content may not display correctly, and in some cases your progress may not be tracked. For each browser we have provided a guide on to how to disable the pop-up blocker.

Internet ExmplorerInternet Explorer

If pop-ups are blocked within your browser, you will typically see a message at the bottom of the screen. Select the Options for this site button and then select Always allow.

Mozilla FirefoxMozilla Firefox

If pop-ups are blocked within your browser, you will typically see a message across the top of the screen. Select the Options button and then select Allow pop-ups.

Google ChromeGoogle Chrome

If pop-ups are blocked within your browser, you will typically see this icon (Pop-up Blocked) to the right of your address bar at the top of the screen. Click on the icon and then select Always allow pop-ups.

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Screen size

Screen resolution is the number of pixels (or dots) on the screen at once. The higher your screen resolution, the more screen space you have. The recommended screen resolution for this e-learning is 1280x1024. If you have a screen resolution of less than this, you may not see the whole screen, or you may have to scroll to see the page. If your machine is set to something other than the recommended resolution you will not be prevented from accessing the e-learning content, although the display may be impaired.

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